What is a Property Maintenance Code?
A Property Maintenance Code is a tool used by governments to improve the condition of properties that have fallen into disrepair. While traditional zoning and nuisance abatement regulations may help in many areas, a Property Maintenance Code regulates building condition and safety. Common examples of property maintenance issues that can be addressed with a Property Maintenance Code include missing siding, gutters hanging off a structure, and the presence of badly peeling paint. Property maintenance regulations enable a community to spur owners to address these issues, for both residential and commercial properties.

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1. What is a Property Maintenance Code?
2. Why did the Township adopt a Property Maintenance Code?
3. Do other communities have a Property Maintenance Code?
4. Is the Sugarcreek Township Property Maintenance Code similar to that in other communities?
5. What are some of the regulations in the Property Maintenance Code?
6. Who enforces the Property Maintenance Code, and how does this process occur?
7. What happens to properties that are in violation of the Property Maintenance Code?
8. What about property owners who are on a fixed income or unable to make repairs?