2023 Signed Resolutions

January 9
01 - Appointment of Roads and Services Department Personnel - Taylor Stinson 
January 30
01 - Resolution to Proceed to Submit to the Electors of Sugarcreek Township the Question of an additional 1.5 mill tax Levy for the Purpose of a Police Levy pursuant to R.C. 5705.19
02 - Requesting a Speed Zone Study on Possum Run, and Little Sugarcreek
March 6, 2023
01 - Accepting Retirement of Ken Collier
02 - Resignation of Full-Time Police Officer Anthony Mountjoy
03 - Resignation of Administration Department Staff - Madeleine Rogg
04 - Appointment of Full-Time Police Officer Adam Klark
05 - Appointment of Fire Department Staff Kaitlyn Holbrook, Julia Chubner, and Cameron Bybee
06 - Resignation of Roads and Service Department Staff - Michael Ward
07 - Authorizing Contract with Jordan Concrete Services, LLC
08 - Authorizing the Township Administrator to Enter into an Agreement for the Purchase of Township Real Property
April 3, 2023
01- Authorizing Township Administrator to act as Signatory on Dispatch Contract
02 - 2023 Permanent Appropriations
03 - Appointment of Administration Staff - Brianna McCaleb
04 - Appointment of Roads and Services Department Staff - Ian Tamplin
Proclamations of Congratulations to the Winners of the Sugarcreek Cares/Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local School District Video & Visual Arts Contest in Honor of Black History Month - Rilla Brinegar, Kameron Heft, Kaitlin Shumaker, Kelsey Bisignani, and Nora Trickler.
May 1, 2023
01 - Promotion of Fire Department Personnel - Todd Tignor
02- Resignation of Fire Department Staff - Bradd Whitley
03 - Resignation of Roads and Services Staff - Joe Hoffmann
04 - Declaring Excess Property - Police Department
Proclamations of Congratulations to the Hog Flyers - Winners of State Competition
Garrett Beckett, Rylan Carper, Mikuya Ford, Seth Gedeon, Zach Goodrich, John Lefeld, Charlie Olds and Ben Roach
Proclamation - National Day of Prayer