History of Sugarcreek

First of Its Kind

The first official act of the associate judges after the first Court of Common Pleas was organized on May 10, 1803, was the framework of the original townships of Greene County. The first township to have its delineation recorded on the minute book of the court was Sugarcreek Township. The first election was held June 21, 1803.

As a result of this first election, William McMillan received the majority of the votes of the township for Representative to Congress. James Collier was elected Township Lister; Joseph Vance, Township Clerk; Abraham Vaneaton, Fence Reviewer; Robert Snodgress; John McLane and Robert Marshall, Trustees; and George Wilson, House Viewer. Since then, many trustees and clerks have served the citizens of Sugarcreek Township.


In the 1800's Sugarcreek Township was a major producer of maple sugar and maple molasses. Each year, the Sugar Maple Festival is held in commemoration the once thriving industry.

In addition to tapping maple trees, Sugarcreek Township was a major center for pork packing, mills and hedge fencing. Today, agriculture continues and is maintained as part of the heritage in this area.

Present Day

Today, Sugarcreek Township is governed by a three-member Board of Trustees, elected to staggered, four-year terms of office. The Trustees are responsible for establishing and overseeing the policies and procedures of the Township. The authority and obligations of Ohio townships are stipulated in the Ohio Revised Code Title 5. The citizens of Sugarcreek Township are also served by an elected Township Fiscal Officer who serves a four-year term.