Long-Range Land Use Plan

What will Sugarcreek Township look like in 5, 10 or 15 years from now?

A community's long-range land use plan sets the stage for how development, if planned, should occur. It addresses issues of land use and also provides direction on transportation, housing and a variety of other topics. In 2013, Sugarcreek Township began work on updating the plan governing development in the township. Updates to the plan were necessary to ensure that it was in concert with current policy and to capture changes in conditions that may have altered the assumptions and forecasts used to develop the previous plan last updated in 2007. At the first meeting of the advisory group tasked with reviewing and proposing updates to the plan, it became evident that the overall goals of the 2001 plan (reinforced in 2007's update) had seen little change. Issues addressed in the 2013 update include the evaluation of land uses in certain planning areas given a heightened annexation environment, a review and consolidation of Planning Areas from 13 to 8, the incorporation of 2010 decenniel census data, an emphasis on pedestrian connectivity, and a change in the way in which taxation information is presented (we moved from a comparison to other communities to a more detailed look at ourselves). 2013's update also saw the renaming of the plan, from the Comprehensive Development Plan to the Long-Range Land Use Plan, a term more reflective of the plan's purpose. The fundamental concepts embodied in the plan are twofold. First, as development occurs in the coming 20 years, the inherently attractive rural character of the township should be retained and protected. Second, development should be arranged to minimize the costs associated with the delivery of public services and capital investments in infrastructure, thereby protecting the interest of the taxpayer and the fiscal health of the township.

The Township Zoning Commission recommended approval of the 2013 Long-Range Land Use Plan to the Township Trustees at their November 12, 2013 Meeting. The Township Trustees approved the 2013 Long-Range Land Use Plan at their December 2, 2013 Meeting. 2013 Long-Range Land Use Plan (PDF)

In 2022, Sugarcreek Township began the process of an update to the Long Range Land Use Plan, beginning with a Community Open House on September 27, 2022.  More on the LRLUP Update.  

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