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2018 Signed Resolutions

December 17, 2018


December 3, 2018



November 19, 2018

November 5, 2018


October 15, 2018
No Resolutions 

October 1, 2018
01 Requesting a Speed Zone Study on Feedwire Road
02  Resignation of Fire Department Staff Brandy Reese 

September 21, 2018
01 Requesting an Increase in Motor Vehicle Tax Monies Received under Section 4504.16 of the Ohio Revised Code 

September 17, 2018
01 Increase Appropriations for General Fund
04 Reclassification of Roads and Service Department Personnel Toby Knerr
05 Declaration of Excess property - Administration Department
06 Proclaiming October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month

September 5, 2018
01 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Douglas Wiltse and Vincent Givens
02 Declaring a Nuisance at 1908 North Lakeman Drive Owner Z & Z Investments, LLC
03 Resignation of Fire Department Staff Travis Vickrey
04 September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Sugarcreek Township
05 Declaration of Excess Property - Police Department
06 Awarding of Bid Contract for the Brown Road Improvement Project
07 Announcement of a Liquor Permit Transfer Application Kirtan Ltd DAB Ray's Drive Thru
08 Increase Appropriations for Center Point Project Fund
09 A Request for traffic study to lower speed limit on Conference Road within the Township 

August 6, 2018
 01 Probationary Release of part-time FFII EMT James Blom

July 16, 2018
 02 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Jeffrey Weaver and James Blom
 03 Appointment of Full time Fire Department Staff Brandyn Norman and Michael Lewis
 04  Resignation of Fire Department staff Mariana Jones
 05  Appointment of Temporary roads and services personnel- Dylan Hutchison
 06  Increase Appropriations for General Fund 

June 18, 2018
01 Resolution to Proceed with the Taxing Authority
02  Reclassification of Fire Department Personnel Brandy Reese
03 Resignation of Fire Department Staff Stephen Jensen
04 Approval of Text Amendment to the Sugarcreek Township Zoning Resolution
05 Approval of Amendment to the Sugarcreek Township Long Range Land Use Plan
06 Authorizing Township Administrator to Prepare and Submit an Application to Ohio Public Works Commission Improvement
07  Increase Appropriations for General Fund and Ambulance and Emergency Fund

June 4, 2018
01 Resolution of Necessity Requesting Certification from County Auditor Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5705.03
02  Adoption of 2017 Ohio Fire Code with Appendices
03 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Jason Cruea
04 Resignation of Fire Department staff Connor Trenum
05 Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Sugarcreek Township and the Professional Firefighters
06 Reclassification of Roads and Service Department Personnel Toby Knerr 
07 Appointment of Roads and Services Supervisor William L. Harphant
08 Attorney Services Burns, Connell, Vollmar and Armstrong LLC

May 21, 2018
01 Transfer of Appropriations
02  Retirement of Anthony Lamb
03 Authorizing Contract with Jordan Concrete Services
04 Appointment of Board of Zoning Commission Member Dr. Mark Matthews
05 Resignation of Fire Department staff Drew Kirby
06 Authorizing Township Administrator to Enter into Agreements with American Tower of Easement Purchase

May 7, 2018 
01 Approval Final Development plan sect. 5 of the Landings at Sugarcreek
02 Approval Final Development Plan Senior Assisted living Facility
03 Approval Final Development plan Multi family Development
04 Renomination of Scott Miller and Alt Deborah Wallace District 11 PWIC
05 Appointment of Temporary Part Time Service worker Toby Knerr

April 23, 2018
01 Appoint Receptionist Courtney Shuttleworth
02 Probationary Release of Part time Firefighter Anthony Mundey 
03 Authorizing Text Amendment to the Sugarcreek Township Zoning Resolution 
04 A Day of Prayer Recognition

April 2, 2018
01 2018 Collective Bid Agreement with Greene County Engineer
02 Resignation of Fire Department staff Marcus Johnson
03 Approval of Final Development Plan for Sect 1 of the Landings

March 16, 2018
01 Resolution in support of Greene County Engineer additional license Tax to benefit Roads

March 12, 2018 
01 Year 2018 Permanent Appropriations
02 Declaration of excess property Fire Department
03 Declaration of excess property Police Department
04 Proclaiming 2018 as Ohios Year of Trails
05 Supporting Preservation of Ohio's Waterways on the 50th anniversary of the Scenic Rivers Act

February 12, 2018
01 Appointment of full time Police officer Nathan A. McKeever
02 Revision of Zoning fee schedule
03 Resignation of Fire Department staff Gavin Russell and Joseph Mahaffey
04 Declaration of excess property Police Department

January 16, 2018 
01 Appointment of Fire Department staff Mike Neal, Damian Foster, Kristen Barrera & Micky Barrera
02 Resignation of Fire Department staff Nick Brixey and Greg Andrews
03 Rescinding resolution 2017.11.20.01 renewal of Fire levy
04 Renewal of Fire levy
05 Authorizing the Township Administrator to enter into Agreements for the Purchase of Road Department Truck
06 Declaration of Excess Property Roads and Service Department

January 3, 2018
01 Approval of a Map Amendment to Rezone 5495 Little Sugarcreek Road A-1 to R-1A
02 Approval of Major Modification to the approved preliminary development plan senior assisted living facility
03 Approval of Major Modification to the approved preliminary development plan multi-family
04 Approval of Major Modification to the approved preliminary development plan Magic Castle
05 Declaration of Excess Property - Fire Department